The Engineer Man Knowledge Center hosts contests periodically which are done in a Code Golf format. For those not familiar with Code Golf, it basically means that the winner of the contest is the person who can accomplish the given objective with the least amount of code, measured in characters.

Supported languages are those which Piston supports. To request new languages, submit a request in #emkc-felix-piston on Discord. Our intent is to add proper golfing languages over time.

  1. Contests start at 12:00pm CDT (5:00pm UTC) on Sundays and run for 4 days ending at 12:00pm CDT (5:00am UTC) on Thursdays.
  2. You can update your solution as many times as you want during the contest period. Submitting a solution that is shorter than your last submitted solution will result in the submitted time changed. This is important to understand because tiebreakers are resolved by the oldest solution.
  3. Points are awarded to the shortest solutions that meet the objective both overall and per language. If there are solutions that are the same length, the solution submitted the earliest will take precedent. Please see how to gain power for more information.
  4. Leading and trailing whitespace is automatically trimmed before calculating the number of characters used.
  1. No sharing solutions or discussing approach during the contest period.
  2. Submitted solutions must pass automated code execution before they are recorded as a contest submission. This is done using the Piston engine.
  3. For those using Bash, you can any of the GNU coreutils as well as sed and awk. You may not call into any of the other contest languages (julia, perl, python, etc.).
  4. If you submit a C solution, you may not copy and paste that solution and submit it for C++ as well.
  5. Invalid solutions and solutions which discover the secret input and are based on that secret input will be removed.

Active Contests

There are no active contests at this time.